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BATCH 59 ETDP SOR delays November/December - SETA Letter

UPDATE: 24/01/2018 Database was restored, but another issue was discovered with the DATABASE that they are currently working on.


Dear Skills Development Provider (From ETDP SETA)

Kindly find attached communication that can be issued to your learners regarding the delay in the generation of Statements of results and certificates due to the migration from DATANET to Indicium.  This letter is in response to requests that were put forward at the provider meeting on the 12th December 2017.

 Download this document here.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.




eLearning + Distance Learning SCAMS - WARNING!

Important SCAM notice to all learners.

Click here to read more.

HELPDESK NOTICE: ETDP SETA Verification (60): Planned SETA verification - Closing date 1st February 2018.

Closing date for submissions is the 1 February 2018 to be included in this verification.

All POEs that was received and found competent will be processed in this batch. No more files will be accepted in this batch as our Assessors and Moderators must still process all the documentation in time for the SETA audit. 

All files received must still follow the process below before we can present this to the SETA.

1.     Assessment until found competent. If not, the helpdesk and email the learner direct with the corrections needed.

2.     Complete Assessment report for each POE that takes average 2 hours to complete per file.

3.     Upload in our administration system and registration.

4.     Send for internal moderation. (Externally.)

5.     Preparation for SETA verification per the different unit standards.

6.     Final SETA Verification that takes a full day audit.

NOTE: learner will be notified by SMS and email when:

1.     When we receive their physical POE in our ETQA offices.

2.     When the assessment was completed + follow-up responses.

3.     When the file was send for moderation.

4.     When the SETA approved the POE during verification.

5.     When your SOR was received from the ETDP SETA.

6.     When your Certificate is ready for collection.

Our process is fully automated. Each SMS will also contain the link and reference number to our correspondence that can also be viewed in our helpdesk.

ETDP SETA Verification (61) : Closing date 31 March for submissions.

Our ETDP SETA Verification (61) was approved by the verifier and in the process of registration and uploading.


NOTE: Process that will follow:

  1. The original documents from the verification will be courier to JHB, Head Office with all signatures and names on within the next working day by priority. 
  2. Once received, they will allow us access to upload your detail into their database. (We work hard, so this will not take longer than one day.)
  3. Once completed, the ETDP SETA Head Office will confirm our uploads with the original documents. 
  4. On completion and verification by the ETDP SETA Head Office in JHB, the SOR - "Statement of Results" will be issues the next day that we will receive electronically. This we will import to our helpdesk and all learners will receive and automated SMS and email notifications.
  5. You will receive your SOR immediately available for downloading. Read the SMS and email on the process to follow, reply to schedule your Certificate for Printing (2 days notice required) or reply with your postal address that we can send your Original Certificate to you by tracking system. Not only will we send this registered by post, but also email you the tracking number - AT NO COST ON THE FIRST REQUEST.

NOTICE: We do not delay, so for if there are any delay in the process, then it is from the SETA, not us.


Download this PDF document here.


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