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What is the difference between Learnerships, Internships and Apprenticeships?

Solution A learnership requires that a learner enter into a fixed term employment contract with the company whilst studying towards a Qualification that is in line with the learnership (the cost of the Qualification falls to the Company). Once the Qualification is completed, the learnership will also end. An Internship requires that the successful applicant already have in place a Higher Education Qualification. The internship provides the successful applicant with practical experience in their field. An example of this can be seen with potential accountants having to complete their articles. The job will last only so long as the contract states. An Apprenticeship is part of a required practical component of a Qualification, and without the practical component the learner will not be able to complete the Qualification. Learners are physically taught a skill, and it is generally of a technical nature. Apprenticeships last only so long as the required time to obtain the Qualification, but it is not uncommon for the Apprentice to gain full time employment with the company that they completed their apprenticeship with. Apprenticeships will end with the writing of the trade test for those that meet the minimum criteria.
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